Review : GENGHIS TRON – Board Up The House


Genghis Tron – “Board Up the House” [Relapse] … a veritable symphony of intelligent, low-fi Hardcore … fidelity does not diminish complexity, however … the brilliant palette elicited from such minimal components is astonishing (track 2 features toy drums, for example) … they are as comfortable with the heaviness as they are with the electronic passages, bringing to mind the latest from Dillinger Escape Plan (PS – Greg Puciato does guest vox on 9) … 4, 7, 10 are instrumentals … Converge’s Kurt Ballou produced … FCC OK … Try  1, 3, 5, 8 … 2008Feb12

01. Board Up The House
02. Endless Teeth
03. Things Don’t Look Good
04. Recursion
05. I Won’t Come Back Alive
06. City On A Hill
07. The Whips
08. Blow Back
09. Colony Collapse
10. The Feast
11. Ergot (Relief)


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