Review : TRAIL OF TEARS – Bloodstained Endurance

Trail of TearsBloodstained Endurance
released May 27, 2009 Napalm Records

Rating : 3/5

After dealing with a failed tour and a ditching band, Robby Thorsen assembled together a new line up of musicians that successfully brings back their gothic symphonic death sound that fans love so much. The album’s intensity comes to life through a haunting choir of singers, booming drums, powerful distorted riffs, and a melancholic use of strings/acoustic.

Though there is an intriguing combination of death metal growls with clean female vocals (Catherine Paulsen), I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed at their collaboration together. The sound was awkward and seemed out of place with the musical vibe. I gotta give them credit though, there’s definitely a new grooviness in their songs that saves a lot of their flaws.

Tracks: 3, 5, 11

01. The Feverish Alliance
02. Once Kissed By the Serpent (Twice Bitten by Truth)
03. Bloodstained Endurance
04. Triumphant Gleam
05. In the Valley of Ashes
06. Storm At Will
07. Take. Aim. Reclaim. Prevail.
08. The Desperation Corridors
09. Farewell to Sanity
10. Dead End Gaze
11. Faith Comes Knocking


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