Review : HEIDEVOLK – "Uit Oude Grond"

HeidevolkUit Oude Grond
Released: March 26th 2010 on Napalm Records

Rating: 3.5/5

With their 3rd full-length album released, Heidevolk remains true to their sound of strong baritone vocals as the main component to their music. Native to the Netherlands, the band sings in Dutch, which is a refreshing break from the usual Norwegian/Finnish/Scandinavian vocals in most viking/folk metal bands. Irma Vos shows off his talents with the violin, saving the otherwise lack of atmosphere. Though even with their original qualities, I can’t help but feel that this album is falling into the category of stereotypical viking metal. It’s strong, but not ground breaking in the slightest. I was really hoping that the guitar work would be more creative and inspiring, but the repetitive riffs and lack of diversity drowns the sound out, particularly with the overpowering vocals. Joris Boghtdrincker does rock out with harsh vocals at some headbanging moments in synchronization with a catchy chugging guitar, but just when you’re thinking “Yeah! This is awesome!” they fall back into a droning melody that keeps you thinking it’s leading somewhere, and it never does.

It sounds like I’m bashing the album, but I really did enjoy it. It just was a slight disappointment comparing to their 2 other full lengths, and their masterpiece EP, Wodan HeerstHeidevolk is still a solid band that I’d recommend to just about anyone, but they didn’t reach their full potential with this album.

Sounds like: Falkenbach, Folkearth
Try: 1, 7, 9, 11

01. Nehalennia
02. Ostara
03. Vlammenzee
04. Een Geldersch Lied
05. Dondergod
06. Reuzenmacht
07. Alvermans Wraak
08. Karel van Egmond, Hertog van Gelre
09. Levenslot
10. Deemsternis
11. Beest big Nacht


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