Review : EXODUS – "Exhibit B: The Human Condition"

Exodus– Exhibit B: The Human Condition
released May 18, 2010 on Nuclear Blast Records

Rating: 4/5

This is the newest studio album from Bay Area thrash gods, Exodus, since 2007’s The Atrocity Exhibition… Exhibit A. “The Ballad of Leonard And Charles” starts off acoustically in a somber manner before it slowly starts to pick up with the drums increasing in intensity and at the 1:50 mark, clicks into place with loud distorted guitars, screams and a “creeping” feel. Towards the end, it slows down into the same somber acoustics that it started with.  It’s an exercise in patience that pays off, with the end serving more as a veiled attempt by Rob Dukes to expand his vocal range. On “Beyond The Pale”, the drums of Tom Hunting mesh surprisingly well with the guitars of Gary Holt and Lee Altus to further the thrash assault on this song. “Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)” is another great thrasher that highlights the vocal talents of Dukes. Honestly, there’s so much I like about this album that it’s hard for me to put my thoughts into words. I really like the pacing and melody of “Nanking”, with lyrics that reference the 1937 Nanking Massacre. The final part of this album tends to drag on but probably the only weak tracks in my opinion are “Burn Hollywood Burn” (a subject beaten to death by countless bands) and “A Perpetual State Of Indifference” , which just seems more like filler material than an actual song. Otherwise, if you’re a fan of the Big 4 of Bay Area thrash or Exodus in general, you should check out this album. You might agree that it’s a return to form.

FCC: 4, 6, 8, 12
Try: 1, 2, 5, *7*

01. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles
02. Beyond The Pale
03. Hammer And Life
04. Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)
05. Downfall
06. March Of The Sycophants
07. Nanking
08. Burn, Hollywood, Burn
09. Democide
10. The Sun Is My Destroyer
11. A Perpetual State Of Indifference
12. Good Riddance


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