Review : GLYDER – "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

GlyderYesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Release Date: 2010Jun29 (US)
Label: Steamhammer
Rating: 4/5

It seems, in our day and age, anybody can twist songs together into some worshipful retro band. Some groups merely move through the motions, but every now and again, one gets it. Glyder proves that Ireland has even more to offer 21st-century hard rock audiences besides The Answer. I keep hearing that band’s name mentioned in the same breath as Led Zeppelin and I don’t quite feel the resemblance; however, Glyder‘s continuous comparisons to Thin Lizzy are altogether apt (not to mention the Philomena Lynott endorsement).

The best way they maintain the parallel is through character examination. “Knockout” chronicles the legendary ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ boxing match to great effect, the underdog Ali an inspiration to eldest member, guitarist Bat Kinane (who is just into his 30s). But “Jack Strong” is the track that did it for me, as it slyly invokes Lizzy‘s “Bad Reputation” in a noble tale about a quiet hero at his favorite bar.

Bassist Tony Cullen rocks a smooth timbre that shifts from Josh Homme (“That Line”, “Make a Change”) to Bono (“Innocent Eyes”) and, most frequently, the late Phil Lynott himself. The fact that he also plays bass draws even more connecting lines between he and the legendary rocker. Though I should mention that much of the vocal power comes by way of the two-part harmonies between he and Bat, which are decidedly infectious. On that same token, I wish you all luck getting the chorus in “One of Us” out of your head; those hooks have some of the sharpest barbs I have ever experienced.

And listen for one of the album’s finest moments toward the end of the title track: a guest guitar solo by Dave Meniketti (appropriately of Y&T, aka Yesterday & Today). After twenty seconds of silence, we are treated to a trio of concluding bonus tracks, that express first an optimistic (“Time to Fly”), and then pessimistic (“All You’ve Done”) view on life, with the instrumental “Elverstown” a gentle descent featuring female vocals amidst the ambience. These three tunes seem to connect in one big story arc; if so, it is an impressive, near-eight minute epic about a troubled soul.

This is one of those albums where you have favorites, but still listen from beginning to end. Like the Glyderau itself, Glyder display humble majesty with adherence to their roots, and strive for the sky.

Try 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, [11+12+13]

01. That Line
02. Knockout
03. Jack Strong
04. Innocent Eyes
05. Make A Change
06. Back To The Water
07. The Bitter End
08. One Of Us
09. Always the Loser
10. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
11. Time To Fly (Bonus Track)
12. All You’ve Done (Bonus Track)
13. Elverstown (Bonus Track)


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