Review : MISERY INDEX – "Heirs to Theivery"

Misery IndexHeirs To Thievery
Release Date: 2010May11 (US)
Label: Relapse Records
Rating: 4/5

I was first exposed to Misery Index via an interview with the group in an issue of the late, great Punk Planet magazine. The intelligence and sincerity of the group impressed me so much that I went out and bought a copy of their record Retaliate; I’ve been hooked ever since. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of their records, but they reach a new level on Heirs to Thievery.

They are in top form here. We’re talking 34 minutes of prime cut death/grind, loaded with sick riffs, intelligent lyrics and some of the most badass drumming I’ve ever heard. What continues to be refreshing about Misery Index is their ability to craft meaningful, well-balanced songs with just the right mix of technicality, catchiness, and straight-up brutality.

Also, the old bastard in me gets many a thrill over the Napalm Death, S.O.D., and Discharge-esque parts that pop up from time to time, as in “The Spectator”.  However, “The Carrion Call” is my personal favorite. If you have yet to get acquianted with these Baltimore grindmeisters, do yourself a favor and check out Heirs To Thievery––this beast definitely demands repeat listens.  Highly recommended.

FCC: 1, 4, 9
Try: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10

01. Embracing Extinction
02. Fed To The Wolves
03. The Carrion Call
04. Heirs To Thievery
05. Spectator
06. The Seventh Cavalry
07. Illuminaught
08. Plague Of Objects
09. You Lose
10. Sleeping Giants

-Chris “His Royal Baldness” Cheney


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