Review : HARVEY MILK – "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness"

Harvey Milk – A Small Turn Of Human Kindness
Release Date: 2010May18 (US)
Label: Hydra Head Records
Rating: 4/5

When I last visited Harvey Milk via the re-release of their self-titled album back in February, I was not sure to expect. It would be an understatement to say that it introduced me to a whole new world of music that I had previously been unaware of. A Small Turn Of Human Kindness is meant to flow together, and is best experienced as a whole. To start things off, “*” is slow and haunting, with an orchestral feel, moving at a snail’s pace––certainly reminiscent of what I heard before. “I Just Want To Go Home” progresses at much the same rate. “I Am Sick Of All This Too” is shorter in length, but once again, compliments the first two tracks.  Unique is “I Know This Is All My Fault”:  starting with ninety seconds of quiet, slowly pouring on the sludge, returning to silence, and concluding with an eerie voice emerging amidst low-key noise. “I Did Not Call Out” aims to tie up this album in an epic manner, and is reminiscent of “F.S.T.P.”. We need music that challenges listeners by throwing out musical roadblocks which impede the ability to categorize and name-drop. This is a beautiful album that follows in classic Harvey Milk tradition. Their sound has matured and so have they. Let go of expectations and fall into the moment.

FCC: Check
Try: 1, 3, 5, 7

01. *
02. I just Want To Go Home
03. I Am Sick Of All This Too
04. I Know This Is No Place For You
05. I Alone Got Up And Left
06. I Know This Is All My Fault
07. I Did Not Call Out


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