Review : RIOTGOD – "Riotgod"

Riotgod – Riotgod
Release Date: 2010August17 (US)
Label: Metalville Records
Rating: 5/5

It is not often that an album like this falls into your hands––one that effectively bridges gaps across Rock genres. Riotgod is made up of Jim Baglino and Bob Pantella of Monster Magnet, Garrett Sweeny of the cover band Psycho Daisy and Mark Sunshine. Where to start? “Light Of The Sun” gets the joint––err––ball rolling with a tune reminiscent of Black Sabbath. If there is a better way to start off an album, I want to hear it.

“Crusader” pretty much follows the same vibe, but “The Time Is Now” changes it up . You can see a pattern forming, albeit an enjoyable one. Since Monster Magnet itself started off with influences such as Hawkwind, it’s not a surprise to see that tradition continue here. “Pinata” is another great track that takes a heavy influence from Steppenwolf and modernizes it.

“Drone Station” has more of a grungy character without discarding the overall feel, while “Love It Or Leave It” channels both Sonic Youth and the Smashing Pumpkins. These songs are an interesting detour from the first half of this album. “Sweet Kaos” features a mellow acoustic intro, and echoes classic heavy riffs evoking equal parts Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi. The blistering “Fangasm” is the strongest of the last four songs, incorporating all of their influences into a six-minute epic.

I cannot gush enough over Riotgod‘s debut:  an absolute masterpiece, and quite possibly the best album of 2010!

FCC: 15
Try: ALL but especially 1, *3*, *8*, 9, *10*, *12*, *15*

01. Light Of The Sun
02. Crusader
03. The Time Is Now
04. Horizon
05. 9th Life
06. Omega
07. Collapsing Stars
08. Pinata
09. Drone Station
10. Love It Or Leave It
11. Rift
12. Sweet Kaos
13. High Time
14. Grand Design
15. Fangasm
16. Minds Eye

[Ed. – It sounds like they got good n’ dirty in the Soundgarden before recording!]


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