Review : HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE – “The August Engine”

Hammers Of Misfortune The August Engine
Re-Released: 2010Aug03 (US)
Label: Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5

This is the re-release of the second album by Hammers Of Misfortune, “The August Engine”, originally released September 16, 2003. Their overall sound has changed a bit, dropping most of their death metal influences and incorporating slightly more folk elements. “The August Engine, Pt.1″ starts off things with a strong hint of thrash, reminiscent mostly of Iron Maiden. It’s a rousing start to this album and it shows off the musicianship of the group. “Rainfall” takes a slightly different, folky direction, mixing in gentle harmonies and melodies. “The August Engine, Pt.2″ digs deeper into the band’s thrash and progressive influences, offering plenty of room to expand. After the first few songs, it may end up tedious to some ears but bear with it. “Insect” breaks up the slumber with a hint of folk at the beginning. At 1:40 in, it morphs into a thrashing beast, shedding off an old skin and taking on a new skin. “Doomed Parade” is another strong track that effectively combines thrash, prog and folk elements and should be the way to close out this album. That isn’t the case as “The Trial And The Grave” brings on the doom. The August Engine is slow and ominous with lyrics that fit. In fact, the lyrics for most songs are very well-written and much like their debut album, they tell a story to anyone willing to listen. This is yet another excellent album from Hammers Of Misfortune.

FCC: Clean
Try:All, but especially 1,2,5,6

01. The August Engine, Pt.1
02. Rainfall
03. A Room and a Riddle
04. The August Engine, Pt.2
05. Insect
06. Doomed Parade
07. The Trial and the Grave


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