Review : INFERNAEON – "Genesis to Nemesis"

InfernaeonGenesis to Nemesis
Release Date:2010Aug31 (US)
Label: Prosthetic Records
Rating: 3/5

You have to hand it to former Monstrosity vocalist Brian Werner—he certainly refuses to let his newest creation die.  Infernaeon endured a complete lineup overhaul for their second release, Genesis to Nemesis, but did return to Mana Studios to record with Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal).  Their charge is similar to the past:  meld Floridian death metal with European black metal.  The question I kept asking myself while listening to this album was “Didn’t I used to like this band more?” …and I did.

Infernaeon never says anything about proportions, though; their formula is something like 90% FDM, laced with synthesizers.  I still enjoy myself throughout the thirty minutes of 2007’s A Symphony of Suffering to this day, and was genuinely excited for a follow-up. While the formula itself has not changed, still neither has the execution, which stagnates instead of progressing.  The keyboards are the first culprit.  The dull and overlong three-minute instrumental “Into the N.O.X.” is supposed to display Dave Stein’s abilities, but unfortunately highlights his limitations. The level of grandiosity in this track never returns during the album, so why set the expectation?

And Jesus Christ, does Werner ever have a distaste for…well… Jesus Christ!  As far as timbre and clarity go, his voice is upper echelon.  But the lyrics irritate me for a number of reasons.  Infernaeon has built part of their reputation on good lyrics, and the fact that fine songs like “Lilith Ave Satanas” require restricted or censored airplay only damages the band’s chances at success.  I am all for free speech, but make your words function with purpose.

A number of guest musicians appear across Genesis to Nemesis, but most will recognize Oderus Urungus of GWAR easiest of all.  He adds a bit of flavor to the Metallica cover of “Creeping Death”.  It’s a pretty good adaptation overall, but the place where there should have been improvement is the drums.—I expect more from Jeramie King (The Absence).  This is also notable as one of the three FCC clean tracks.  The other two are closer “Revelations” and “Ziasudra”.  The latter draws the parallel between that critical character from the Gilgamesh epic, and the Christian tale of Noah with the ark.  If this band wants to be shocking, they need to illuminate, not curse.  Otherwise, it’s effective as shouting into the ether (i.e.., Tweeting).

Infernaeon is still promising, but have faltered.  The band has, literally, gone from genesis to nemesis—and I think that nemesis is themselves.  Whether internal strife or thematic content, confrontation is at their heart, and it hinders more than helps.  Time will tell if Brian Werner hires another stable of musicians for the third album, but the guy needs some co-writers to help elevate above novelty.

FCC: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
Try: 5, 6, 10

01. Into The N.O.X.
02. First Of The Fallen
03. Lilith Ave Satanas
04. Legacy Of Kane
05. Ziasudra
06. Creeping Death
07. The Scar Of David
08. Immaculate Deception
09. Graven Image
10. Revelations


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