Review : WITCHSORROW – "Witchsorrow"

Witchsorrow – Witchsorrow
Release Date: 2010Oct26 (US)
Label: Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4/5

Hailing from the UK, Witchsorrow is a new trio that is influenced by bands such as St. VitusTrouble, and Reverend Bizarre. “The Agony” is a blend of sinister/sorrowful with the slow, haunting, well-defined vocals of Necroskull and has a decent bass punch courtesy of Emily Witch. “The Trial Of Elizabeth Clarke” pays tribute to St.Vitus, especially with the opening riffs/verses. The sound is wonderfully layered, picking up the pace towards the end, and one of my favorite picks on this album.

“Gomorrah” is excellent, sounding like a hybrid of Black Sabbath and Reverend Bizarre. This time, Morellhammer takes the reins, frantically pounding the skins in a way that would make Bill Ward proud. “Thou Are Cursed” is another long, plodding song that returns to the feel of the first two tracks. “Impaler, Tepes” is much like “Gomorrah” in that it utilizes a faster pace, and best incorporates the contributions of each member.

I did get slightly bored with their longer tracks, but I believe they can take advantage of the ability displayed on “Gomorrah” & “Impaler, Tepes” and run with it. Fans of doom metal should definitely check out this great debut from Witchsorrow.

FCC: Clean
Try: 2, 35

01. The Agony
02. The Trial of Elizabeth Clarke
03. Gomorrah
04. Thou art Cursed
05. Impaler, Tepes


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