Review : BURDEN – "A Hole in the Shell"

Burden – A Hole In The Shell
Release Date: 2010Oct15 (US)
Label: Ván Records
Rating: 3/5

Earlier this year, I reviewed Burden’s Man Of No Account EP. It left a positive impression upon me. Here we are seven months later with the release of their debut album, A Hole In The Shell. “Bless The Broken” starts things off  with a good mix of dirty, sludgy rock that to me, has a footprint similar to Kyuss.  It creeps along slowly, like a mountain lion stalking dinner, keeping the listener in suspense at what may be coming next.  “Done With Denial” adds a slightly more progressive sound but otherwise, isn’t much different musically from the first track. Some of the tracks that I enjoyed include “Man Of No Account” (has a bluesy, traditional doom sound and it’s one of the strongest tracks), “About The Veil and The Wound” (love the intro that has a decent “pulsing” effect), “The Slug. The Drag. The Misery” (again, a strong stoner-doom vibe here) and “Process (Into Nothing)” (showcases Thorsten’s vocal abilities). “Conflict” ends this album on a whimper instead of a bang, but not before dropping a bonus track that isn’t too impressive. This album is a mixed bag of sorts, and sometimes seems rather formulaic. There are a few gems, but otherwise left me expecting more, after hearing the Man Of No Account EP a few months back.

FCC: Clean
Try: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8

01. Bless The Broken
02. Done With Denial
03. Black Room
04. Man Of No Account
05. About The Veil And The Wound
06. The Slug. The Drag. The Misery.
07. Stampede
08. Process (Into Nothing)
09. The Fool
10. Conflict (plus “hidden song”)


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