Review : VIKING SKULL – "Heavy Metal Thunder"

Viking Skull – Heavy Metal Thunder
Release date: 26Oct2010
Label: Restricted Release
Rating: 2.5/5

Viking Skull is a heavy metal band from the U.K that originated as a spoof backup band for Raging Speedhorn. They have seen a few lineup changes, most notably taking on Jess Margera (CKY) on drums. In fact, I figured that with their connection to Bam Margera (their song “Skull Heaven” appeared on the compilation, Viva La Bands), that they would be nothing more than a spoof of heavy metal. The song titles seem clichéd. I must ask, how does their sound stack up against metal juggernauts such as Black Sabbath,Thin Lizzy and Orange Goblin (all mentioned as influences in their bio) ? “Beers, Drugs and Bitches” gets things pouring with profanity-laced heavy metal that would make the chairman of the FCC blush. If one of your influences is Black Sabbath, it is mandatory that  you rip some of their riffs and this song is no exception. “Wizard’s Sleeve” is more blatant in the way it rips off Iommi and Butler. It is slightly friendlier lyric-wise. Rather than drone on and on about each song, I would recommend the following tracks: “Rape, Pillage and Burn” (riffs are excellent but try and ignore the idiotic chanting), “Red Hot Woman” (think Motley Crue with a southern accent), “Seedealer”, “Heavy Metal Thunder” (I think I hear a bit of Blue Cheer in the guitars, unless my mind is playing tricks) and  “Baby Let Me Know” (AC/DC anyone?). Personally, I feel that there are too many songs here and this results in a jumbled mess of unoriginal music. I also take issue with the fact that Roddy Stone tries too hard to be Lemmy and fails miserably throughout this album. Heavy Metal Thunder is great if you’re looking for background noise for a night of drunken partying and unprotected sex. You won’t remember much of it the morning after, but it will compliment the sound of vomit splattering the inside of your toilet.

FCC: 1 (2-6 are clean, check rest for profanities)
Try: 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 16

1. Beers, Drugs And Bitches
2. Wizard’s Sleeve
3. Frostbite
4. Rape Pillage And Burn
5. Crazy Trucker
6. Skull Heaven
7. Born In Hell
8. Crank The Volume
9. Red Hot Woman
10. Seedealer
11. Heavy Metal Thunder
12. Saddle Up
13. Double Or Quits (demo version)
14. Rock And Roll Suicide
15. Conquer The World
16. Baby Let Me Know
17. Skulls & Whiskey
18. Dirty Dirty Hole
19. Inject My Woman (With Love)
20. You Can’t Kill Rock & Roll


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