Review : ISKRA – "Bureval"

Release Date: 2010Oct17
Label: Black Raven Records
Rating: 5/5

Okay, time for another anarchist Black Metal review. I’ll keep it short and sweet—just like the songs I’m going to be talking about. This one is more on the crusty side. Iskra’s latest, Bureval, is as extreme as any Black Metal I’ve heard.

This newer material seems to nod more to second wave Black Metal than crust, but still invokes an ultra-political anarchist mood. The guitars and drums are tightly woven together, Danielle’s vocals are powerful and unrelenting, and the production value is crisp and clear, but not overproduced.

The pace slows down a bit by the time we get to the title song, which, even though features mostly nonstop tremolo picking, manages to create a powerful headbanging track. The next track, “Okhrana”, feels even more crusty, with some dissonant open-picked Black Metal embellishments.

It’s true that a lot of these songs sound similar, but at the same time, they’re all good. There’s no annoying anomalies in Bureval, no major drawbacks, and I feel I’m being fairly accurate when I say that everything sounds exactly how it was intended.

Try: 1, 5, 6, 7

1. Hounds of Order
2. Within the Black
3. Dubrovlag
4. Bureval
5. Okhrana
6. Okeanos
7. Krondstat
8. Wolf of Wint
9. 80,000
10. Wie Alles Anfing


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