Review : EARTHRIDE – "Something Wicked"

Earthride – Something Wicked
Release Date: 2010Jul03 (US)
Label: Earth Brain
Rating: 4.5/5

Earthride cruises to us from Maryland. They consist of Dave Sherman (Spirit Caravan, War Injun) on vocals, Kyle Van Steinberg (War Injun) on guitar, Rob Hampshire (Nitroseed) on bass and Eric Little (Internal Void) on drums.

“Something Wicked (I May Become)” starts things off with a sound that obviously has a strong pedigree consisting of Black Sabbath and Wytchfinder General. “Hacksaw Eyeball” is excellent as well, with slow, creeping instrumentation—like a bear stalking an unsuspecting camper. “Zodiac” is unique with a soft, airy opening followed by a very 70s, prog-rock feel smack-dab in the middle. “Grip The Wheel” has plenty of bluesy doom, evoking early Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer. “Force Fed Fear” finishes off Something Wicked with strong, memorable riffs that bring much enjoyment to my ears. This is an great doom record that should not be missed, and be sure to listen for Wino on “Supernatural Illusion”!

FCC: Check
Try: 1, 2, 5, 7, 9

01. Something Wicked (I May Become)
02. Hacksaw Eyeball
03. Make Up Your Mind
04. Destruction Song
05. Zodiac
06. Watch The Children Play
07. Grip The Wheel
08. Supernatural Illusion
09. Force Fed Fear


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