Review : SONS OF TONATIUH – "Sons Of Tonatiuh"

Sons Of Tonatiuh Sons Of Tonatiuh
Release date: 2010Sep07 (US)
Label: Hydrophonic Records
Rating: 3.5/5

Sons of Tonatiuh hail from Atlanta, GA and consist of current and past members of LeechmilkFell A VictimNoble Rust and Whiskey Shit Vomit. “Adam and Evil” starts things off with loud snarls mixed with thick, sludgy guitars. “Chain Up The Masses” offers a faster pace in the instrumentation with crusty vocals, evoking EyeHateGod. I really enjoy “Consumed” because it starts out with low-key doom that gives way to fast punk, slowing down again in the middle. It has the right amount of texture keeps the listener engaged. Other tracks that stood out to me include “Oracle” (slow, haunting and expansive, with perhaps a bit of funeral doom) and “The Artifact” (plenty of doom riffs here with fast-paced drums). Overall, this is a very good debut from Sons Of Tonatiuh. Fans of doom, sludge and crust will likely enjoy this release. They’re not treading on new territory but they made a small dent with “Consumed”.

FCC: 5, 8
Try: 1, 3, 6, 7

01. Adam and Evil
02. Chain Up The Masses
03. Consumed
04. Den of Thieves
05. From Ashes
06. Oracle
07. The Artifact
08. To The Throne


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