Review : DRUNKEN BASTARDS – "Horns Of The Wasted"

Drünken Bastards – Horns Of The Wasted
Release Date: 2010Jul23 (US)
Label: Hells Headbangers
Rating: 3/5

This album is the latest from the Drünken Bastards, a crossover band that hails from Hungary. It contains re-recorded versions of songs from their previous albums and splits with other bands. Their influences include bands such as VenomDriller Killer and older Sodom. Lyrics deal with drinking, drugs and women—unfortunately, they are very difficult to find. Halad -val figyelmeztet! (Proceed with caution!)

“Toxic Patrol” is drunken thrash on speed with simplistic lyrics. “Posercrusher” offers much of the same with a better time signature and thundering drums. Other tracks of interest include “Destroy The Factory (Eat My Fuk)” (slightly reminicent of D.R.I), “Baptized In Speed And Blood” and “Prophecy of the Evening Star”.

I didn’t really hear much of the black metal influence. I also feel that the lyrics don’t really add much to the music, unless shock is back in style. Otherwise, Horns Of The Wasted should still find a good home within the collection of crossover thrash fans.

FCC: 3,4,6
Try: 5, 8

01. Nuclear Era
02. Toxic Patrol
03. Posercrusher
04. Destroy The Factory (Eat My Fuk)
05. Drink With Satan
06. Alcoholic Big Tits
07. Baptized In Speed And Blood
08. Prophecy of the Evening Star


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