1. This is your first release since My Riot in 2006. How excited are
you to be back with a brand-new album for a new year?

I’m really excited. We’ve got a new band and I feel revitalized about the whole thing.
This record is about my love for music and the scene I come from. That’s
why it was so easy to write. It’s really got everything that sums up why I love
New York, hardcore and punk rock music.

2. On Gotta Get Up Now, have you made any tweaks to your overall
sound or have you decided to stick with what works?

We’ve taken a whole new approch to how we do shit this time around. This album was written
in a completely different way to all the others. We didn’t just hit the studio for a month
and write songs. We rehearsed these songs for at least 6 months before we even thought
about recording. We didn’t even have a label, but we really just liked these songs
so we recorded them. We had our old buddy Johnny Rioux from The Street Dogs
rehearsing with us so that felt great too. We had a real chemistry on our first album and I
think we captured the same energy on this one. The songs are definitley a real good mix
of punk with a kinda HC ethic. I grew up in the HC scene so it just comes through. More
along the lines of Something’s Gotta Give with a little more street punk. I’m really happy
with the overall sound. I think we’ve really captured something on this album.

3. Do you have any plans to support “Gotta Get Up Now” on the road in
2011? Any northeast dates?

Yeah. Were gonna hit the west cost in Feburary and Europe in May. We’ll just see what happens
but were ready to hit the road again.

4. Speaking of touring the northeast, I remember that Agnostic Front
dropped by 242 Main in Burlington, VT a few years ago. I was not able
to attend that show but I wanted to ask if you have any thoughts on
it? 242 is a notoriously cramped, but popular music venue that is
celebrating 25 years in operation.

242 was a cool spot! I would like to make our way back up there again. We will. It had a cool underground vibe!

5. Speaking of Agnostic Front, I enjoyed the re-release of Victim In
. Can fans expect anything new from Agnostic Front or are you
going to focus exclusively on Roger Miret and The Disasters for the
time being?

I’ve got a new AF record coming out too so this year is gonna be crazy
for me. I’m gonna be supporting to new albums at once.

Thank you for answering my questions. I look forward to the new
Disasters album!

Thanks bro. Please check out The Disasters on Facebook and MySpace too.

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And the following was found via

Now Recording a New Release!!!
The Godfathers of New York Hardcore, AGNOSTIC FRONT, will enter Mana Recording Studio in Tampa, FL tomorrow to begin recording the highly anticipated follow up to their 2007 release, Warriors. 15 new powerful and anthemic songs will be laid down by Erik Rutan under the watchful guide of producer Freddy Cricien of MADBALL. The record is rumored to be their strongest to date and an early 2011 release is expected.

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