Review : GENETIC – "I Am Genetic"

Genetic I am Genetic
Release: 2010Nov03 (US)
Label: Self-released
Rating: 4/5

I sat pissed off for hours because this website had gone down—something with the main server, which has everything to do with powers outside of my control, frustrating me to no end. As I sat in further frustration at the fact that nothing productive had been written in this time, I started traipsing around MetalSucks (“traipsing” is not the best way to move through the Internet, btw…time disappears fast). As another episode of Married…with Children came to a close on the Roku, I happened on Eyal Levi’s “Jumping Darkness Parade” column—then it all hit me.

LevicolumnHard RchildrenalbumGeneticoh, I’m an asshole”, I thought. Synapses fired in the right order, and I remembered to write about this release, which Dallas Coyle sent me back in December. And while I wrestle with myself in my own way (no, not that way), I am reminded that everyone’s got their issues to deal with. I am Genetic was written amidst personal inner turmoil during early 2010, months after Coyle’s departure from God Forbid, and has since been revealed that its profits will benefit cancer research (sparked by his daughter’s leukemia diagnosis).

“Dr. Doctor Thank You for the Drugs” has the most complete feel, despite the short commencing bass solo that seems tacked on, and the too-long fadeout. You hear not only the dirty, industrial-tinged tunage, but Dallas even channels HevyDevy‘s similar demented vocal fervor. It’s sometimes smooth, often gravelly, can go too high, and is loosely controlled. Seek out “The Master Key” as well, as he daringly experiments through a long 8 minutes.

Editing can be difficult, and I imagine vertically-integrated solo projects are even more so. But there is little added benefit to this album being 64 minutes long (72 with bonus track); it could have been cut to a taut hour at “The Rats Inside Number 9” (also cutely the ninth song). Actually, no, there needs to be more. I’d like to hear how a whole band might sound, so the music comes across more as SYL and less like Pater Tagtren’s Pain. However, unlike either of those bands, Coyle is much less concerned with writing catchy tunes; rather, only two of these meanderings clock under 6 minutes.

His guitars have a especially thick crunch, which makes me wonder if he was playing with 8-strings, or the 7-strings like on Earthsblood. And I gotta tell you, as someone who has been largely impressed with whatever Devin Townsend lends his talents to, I’m not sure why I have been so standoffish toward that man’s 2009 output. The last thing I recall hearing was Ziltoid the Omnicient back in 2007, which may be why I maintain that Dallas’ solo debut snugly fills the Strapping Young Lad gap in my life… and what the hell, interpret that as gay as you please. But also listen to I am Genetic—it’s good, and I never knew he had it in him.

Try 1, 4, 5, 9

01. Dr. Doctor Thank You for the Drugs
02. I am Genetic
03. We’re All Haunted
04. Because of My Filth (Survive)
05. The Master Key
06. None Perfect (feat. Kris Norris of Darkest Hour)
07. The Science Revelation
08. Madness Thing
09. The Rats Inside Number 9
10. I Came Back
11. Dead Icon (Bonus Track)


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