Review : TUCK FROM HELL – "Thrashing"

Tuck from HellThrashing
Release: 2011Jan25 (US)
Label: Metalville
Rating: 2/5

If Tuck is from Hell, I don’t buy it,
With their easily-contained small-scale riot,
And they can’t pull of “retro”
From Hetfield to Zetro
So for classic thrash, you best not try it.

FCC: 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10
Try: Peaceville

01. Barbecue Beast
02. Death Before Disco
03. Tuckerz
04. Italian Stallion
05. I’m Rollin’
06. I, Hellbilly
07. King of Thrash
08. Headbanger
09. Idol of God
10. Tequila Race



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