HA, I was told this was a dubious idea, because the first show following their “In 3D” headlining tour was a Saturday night in Manchester, NH. There were probably a few Green Mountain boys and girls considering going down, but I thought it made a lot more sense to just get Shai Hulud here. The time and location was right, plus February vacation just began for many schools, meaning this all-ages show would doubtlessly pack with fresh-eared teenagers and longtime fans alike. The Facebook event wall confessed a few virgins, who may very well get this awesome flyer graphic tattooed on them at some point (by the artist Keenan Bouchard, if they’re lucky). Damn, just look at that thing!

Booking fucking kills me, every time thus far. I really wish we could have turned a better profit, but at least we were able to feed Shai Hulud, give them their promised amount, plus a little more for gas and such. They had recently gotten jacked for a thousand bucks worth of merch, so anything over and above was desired. And as usual, I got a metric shit-ton of pictures (555 to be exact). After a week of whittling, I’ve settled on these.

[nggallery id=33]

So I was shooting the shit with Matt Fox in their van before the show began, and only caught half the set from Crown of Lions. Sorry, dudes—it happens. But you were tight nonetheless, even as their bassist Justin Augusta had just returned from North Korea to reunite for their first show this winter. The floor was pretty pumped from the get-go, and I’m really glad the guys were able to bring their badass hardcore across the pond from Plattsburgh.

[nggallery id=30]

Another band going by the skin of their teeth that night was Crucial Times, who technically just finished their recent tour. The drove many hours from somewhere pretty southern (I forget exact distance), and still managed an energetic set. Nice work, guys!

[nggallery id=31]

We could not have asked for better direct support than Alive & Well. For those that stay updated on this site, they released a free downloadable EP from Bandcamp a few days before this performance, and they way the audience reacted, you’d think they did nothing but spin and memorize the five tracks in the days prior. For what it’s worth, Shai Hulud was paying close attention and participating in the pit the whole time they were on.

[nggallery id=32]

The Matts—Fox and Fletcher—are the only enduring members of Shai Hulud. A couple years ago, Misanthropy Pure‘s vocalist Matt Ian Mazzali proved one Matt too many (drummer Matt Covey made four!), and he had a “tough guy” vibe that didn’t quite jell with this band. But new frontman Mike Moynihan seems more similar to Geert van der Velde, and can seriously work a crowd.

They tore through a lean and mean setlist, which you can see right here. The entire thing was shot by Phil Eisenhauer—one half of Black Lodge Booking (a.k.a. one of the other reasons this show was possible) and with Kevin Dubrule, really made this a great night. It was Fox’s camera, so I’m not sure how it will be used, but you will know as soon as we do!

Thanks again for everyone who contributed to this show. The bands, the fans, the venue—we all must work together for these events to function, and that’s what happened. Everything flowed well, without negative incidents, and unless someone tells me otherwise, a good time was had by all. The Black Lodge and Mind Over Metal will likely be further collaborating in the future, so keep checking back here, or click on the “Follow Us” tab on the left to keep abreast of all the latest info.


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