Interview : Blag Dahlia of the DWARVES

Brad: Your new album is the first since 2004’s The Dwarves Must Die. How psyched were you to get back into the studio to lay down the tracks?

Blag Dahlia: We’re always psyched to hit the studio and prove we aren’t as retarded as our shows might suggest.

Brad: I always ask this, but do you have any plans to support Are Born Again on the road? If so, any East Coast dates?

Blag: Oh yeah, Dwarves will be on the road all year to promote the record. Expect East Coast dates in July or September. We’re giving lessons in Rock.


Brad: I read a mention of royalties from one of your tracks—”Motherfucker”—that was featured in a movie. Do you still get royalties every time someone buys/rents Me, Myself & Irene, etc?

Blag: We got paid pretty well for that one, once Sub/Pop quit trying to rip us off on it. Remember, tv and movies pay, record companies don’t!

Brad: Your sound has evolved over the years, from a mixture of garage and psychedelic rock, surf rock, pop, to hardcore punk with metal. How would you describe the current sound on Are Born Again?

Blag: There is a lot of genre hopping, but the basic sound is punk rock. There are elements of garage and hardcore and surf in there…even the occasional flash of metal gets in there if we’re feeling really stupid.

Brad: My exposure to your music has been limited as I’ve only really heard tracks from The Dwarves Are Young and Good and Thank Heaven For Little Girls. Do you have any recommendations of older material I should check out?

Blag: Blood Guts and Pussy is our old school hardcore classic. If you dig garage rock check stuff from our first record on the Lick It compilation. Free Cocaine is sludge rock with dirty lyrics. It’s all good!

Brad: In the past, you’ve done shows where the audience would fight with the band and among themselves. What’s the most outrageous fight that you’ve witnessed at a show?

Blag: When we get hit it’s outrageous, when we hit someone else it’s just great rock n roll.

Brad: Out of the albums that you’ve put out, what is your personal favorite? Are there any albums that really “struck a chord” with you?

Blag: Blood Guts for sheer punk terror, Young and Good Looking is the pop punk masterpiece, but my personal fave is Dwarves Must Die because it hits every genre and owns them all. Of course, Born Again is the only one I’m not bored with yet.
 Sub Pop press release on the Dwarves' death hoax
Brad: When the rumor about HeWhoCannotBeNamed’s death was going around in 1993, did you get flowers and tributes from fans who actually thought he was dead?

Blag: I got a lot of calls from credit card companies and ex girlfriends of HeWho looking for crumbs in the wreckage.

Brad: What’s your take on bands that are currently masquerading as “punk” bands? Do you have any personal favorites that you’d like to recommend? Anyone you’d like to comment on?

Blag: Punk rock used to be a way of doing things. Now it’s a way for young people to sell sports drinks and shoes to each other. I blame the Canadians for A Simple Plan.


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