Review : DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT – "Hatred for Mankind"

Dragged into SunlightHatred for Mankind
Release: 2009Sep25 (original)/2011Jan18 (reissue)
Label: Mordgrimm Records/Prosthetic Records
Rating: 4.5/5

I’ve been telling Longo for about two months now, “yeah, I’m gonna write that Dragged into Sunlight review, just give me through this weekend.” For whatever reason, that has not happened until now. Maybe that’s a good thing, though. I have given this album a few months to stew in my brain and collect flavors I didn’t even know existed.

The first thing I have to say about Hatred for Mankind is something thrown around a lot in the world of music reviews, and that is the fact that this band is undefinable. Upon first hearing about these guys, I figured I’d be getting some standard, run-of-the-mill sludge, given the comparisons to Godflesh, Neurosis, and Eyehategod alluded to by their own label. (What the hell, Prosthetic? Did you guys even listen to the album?) If you are someone who believes this, please, for the love of god, listen to “Buried With Leeches”. That is all I have to say on the matter.

Moving forward, I feel that the production is a good place to start. I haven’t encountered anything this dirty since the climax of Requiem for a Dream. What you hear is a ballistic barrage of cymbals, guitars, bass, and some of the most dynamic vocal work that has graced my ears. Paradoxically, everything is incredibly audible while, at the same time, blending together.

“Lashed to the Grinder and Stoned to Death” effectively communicates what this album is all about—from the music to the title itself—and evokes a terrifying sense of claustrophobia. There are the standard sludgy riffs which Prosthetic was likely hearing, but I actually hear more of a grindcore influence. Then again, you can’t forget about the black, death, drone, and thrash that also get caught up in the mix. A Dragged into Sunlight listening experience is akin to watching a Coen Brothers film: you can never tell where they’ll take you next, and will surprise you every time.

The Satanic, shrouded figures and screaming woman giving birth on the cover art should say most of what you need to know about Dragged into Sunlight: [adjectives].  This thing is, this band is not here to shock you with gimmicky lyrics a la Cannibal Corpse. No no no, they are here to make you and your species beg for mercy. Hatred for Mankind practically bleeds misanthropy, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

FCC: 4, 7
Try: Everything, damn it, but especially 1, 2, 5

01. Boiled Angel
02. Buried With Leeches
03. Volcanic Birth
04. To Hieron
05. Lashed to the Grinder and Stoned to Death
06. I, Aurora
07. Totem of Skulls

~Willie Strausser


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