Six the Hard Way with Ian Chains of CAULDRON

Note: Jason Decay was busy so he passed on these questions to trusty axe-man, Ian Chains for answers. Enjoy!

Brad: First of all, I’d like to say that I really enjoyed Burning Fortune. In my review, I alluded to what’s known as the “New Wave of  Traditional Heavy Metal”. What are your thoughts on this?

Ian Chains: Thank you, nice to hear that our music works for you! New wave of nothing, we used to just call it heavy metal, I don’t think we’re a part of it. We were around before that tag came along and will probably be around after the “wave” bands are gone. What will they call it then?

Brad:  In my review of Burning Fortune, I said “Rapid City/Unchained Assault” reminded me of “British Steel-era Judas Priest“. Would you call this one of your influences?

Ian: Oh cool! Priest are definitely an influence; Defenders of the Faith would probably be my favourite Priest record.

Brad: Who else has helped shape the sound of Cauldron?

Ian: Our influences are anything from Judas Priest and the Scorpions, of course, to fucking Ted Rip and the Joneses. A lot of the early Metal Blade stuff has been a big influence on me, as well as a lot of old German and Swedish metal. Obsession, Lizzy Borden, Gravestone, Stormwitch, that kind of stuff would be the biggest influence I guess, but not limited to. Anywhere a good song comes from really, but we know our sound.

Brad:  Do you have plans to support Burning Fortune on the road? If so, where would you like to go as far as areas/venues?

Ian: Yes, the “Rapid Cities Tour” starts April 12 in Oklahoma City and runs for 5 weeks around the US and Canada. Then we’re heading to Europe in September/October. The venues don’t matter, the shittier the better as long as there’s good people there!Brad:  What are your thoughts on Burning Fortune as far as musicianship is concerned? Do you like it or do you prefer Chained To The Nite?

Ian: It’s honest, it’s us playing for real and it’s only about as good as we are and I’m happy and proud of that. I like the songs on both those records, but I think I prefer the production of Burning Fortune.

Brad: There seems to be a fixation on several of the elements, especially fire and water (ice) on Burning Fortune.  Have you considered incorporating wind and air into song titles for future albums?

Ian: Never thought about it. I guess that’s sort of like how people thought there was some sort of “chain” concept or theme on the last record, but none of that was intended. I guess it’s all just coincidental. Come on now, we’re not that fucken smart!

Special thanks to Ian Chains for the answers, and check out the review of Burning Fortune!

~Brad Barratt


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