ALLEGAEON Get Grimy Low-Fi For "Biomech" Video

For those of you keeping score: I fucking love Allegaeon. They hit in the middle of last year and stayed with me strong enough to place them opposite Arsis in my “Best of 2010” list. Further, I like the song “Biomech” so much that I take a whole paragraph to describe it in my review of their debut, Fragments of Form and Function. But dammit, I’m not into this video.

Maybe I will do a post about videos that don’t do their songs justice. I can still watch a band play their instruments, if that’s how you wanna roll, but a talented band like Allegaeon deserves more focus and less shaky cam. Plus, the video is like 240p—it looks fucking terrible. Bloody Disgusting is hosting right now, so maybe they have bandwidth issues, and I got all snoopy with an Alexa search that says they have a slow average load time. They’re pretty dang popular, though. Whatever, just listen to this band, because the more love we give ’em, the greater the chance of their next video being shot and edited by someone besides themselves.

Dudes, it’s seriously hard to understand…and my six cups of coffee prepared me for intensity. Here’s some photos taken during the video shoot, courtesy of!

[nggallery id=35]


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