WOODS OF YPRES Founder David Gold LIVE on 'Mind Over Metal'


photo by Mark Coatsworth via Wikimedia Commons

Woods of Ypres founder and frontman David Gold called in LIVE to the ‘Mind over Metal’ broadcast. I gotta give big ups to my boy Ralph over at Skateboard Marketing, both for setting this up and reminding me it was happening. Though I had heard Woods IV: The Green Album and played it live on my show—not gonna lie—I basically spaced on this. So these 25 minutes are 100% off-the-cuff, with about 15 minutes of actual prep time (but sometimes those are the most fun). Hear about Woods of Ypres‘ evolution into funeral doom, his teaching in Kuwait and the Metal environment there, The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society, and much more!

[buzzsprout episode=”24160″ player=”true”]


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