CAPSULE Chat Live on Yowie!

Miami’s Capsule have just released No Ghost on Rorschach Records. In preparation for the chat I’m supposed to attend and/or conduct and/or just chime in on later today, I checked out the new album on SoundCloud and it’s pretty nasty. They have an ex-Kylesa member in their ranks as well (Eric Hernandez drummed on Static Tensions and toured afterward). Wanna know something weird, though? The cover of No Ghost has a large owl with a small spiral in its eye, and the cover of Spiral Shadow has a large spiral with a small owl in its “eye” (if you will). Check it:

I’m gonna ask about that and more, so if there is anything you want to ask them, you should get yourself HERE around 16:00 EST on Monday April 25. Otherwise, it should still be available below once finished!

Update (2011Apr26): The video is up, but somewhat out of synch. The Yowie folks should fix it soon.


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