HOLE IN THE SKY Opens One Last Time

One of Norway’s best festivals is being arranged for the twelfth, and last, time in Bergen on August 24-27, 2011. After a dozen years as Oslo’s Inferno festival’s strongest rivals, they’ve decided to go out on a high note. The line-up is a truly amazing collection of blackened metal and devilish doom.

Legends such as Godflesh, Marduk, Primordial and Saint Vitus are joined by youngbloods like Ghost, Negative Plane and Grand Magus. Bu the festival’s crowning glory is its last supper: four concerts by true norwegian black metal legends Immortal, Mayhem, Satyricon and Enslaved!

The line-up also includes Helheim, Archgoat, Virus, Devil, Black Witchery, In Solitude, Pagan Altar, Mortuary Drape and One Tail, One Head.

For more information on the festival, the bands, tickets and more, check the festival website: http://www.holeinthesky.no/

~Mats Johansen


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