Review : HEADCAT – "Walk the Walk … Talk the Talk"

HeadcatWalk the Walk…Talk the Talk
Release: 2010Jul05 (US)
Label: Niji Entertainment
Rating: 3.5/5

All you pervs out there looking for feline fellatio would be wise to look elsewhere—the only rough tongue found here is Lemmy. We told you this was coming a couple months ago, and now, prepare to have your earholes licked raw. Metaphorically speaking.

To better illustrate my point, enjoy these lions.

The last album—2006’s Fool’s Paradise—was actually a re-release of Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B, which the trio released in 2000. So this is technically their first new material in over a decade. They cover a lot less Buddy Holly songs this time around (read: zero), but still stay largely plumb the ’50s and ’60s. The only exception is “I Ain’t Never” by Mel Tillis, originally recorded in 1972. There’s also some new songs along for the ride, like the hard-charging “American Beat” and slow bluesy burn of “The Eagle Flies on Friday”.

We’ve been teased and pleased with Motorhead covers in the past (I really dig their “Louie Louie”), but what I found most interesting was that I know these songs better as covers already. Eddie Cochran‘s “Shakin’ All Over”, Robert Johnson‘s “Crossroads”, and “Something Else” by Johnny and the Pirates are all stuck in my brain thanks to The Who, Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin, respectively. I bet most of you are with me on this one.

So the question of originality may arise with some, ‘not bringing anything new to the table’ and all that. And quality? Yeah, I thought Lemmy sounded a bit flat on “It’ll Be Me”, for example …but these point are minor. Actually, they’re barely points at all. Venerable rockers with established careers and endless respect scarcely need to justify albums like this—it’s just plain fun. So if you wanna have fun, too, do like me:  wait for a nice sunny day, hop in your car, roll the windows down, and keep Headcat spinning. Beware, they do bite, and they do sink in.

Try: ALL, especially 7

01. American Beat
02. Say Mama
03. I Ain’t Never
04. Bad Boy
05. Shaking All Over
06. Let It Rock
07. Something Else
08. The Eagle Flies On Friday
09. Trying To Get To You
10. You Can’t Do That
11. It’ll Be Me
12. Crossroads



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