I suppose I'll be hearing from all of you folks, then?

Yeah, the mash-up is mine—no hybrid bastardizations in the official press release, which is included. Hey, anyone remember the “Holiday in Cambodia” fiasco with fucking Dockers? How about this: don’t have Dead Kennedys tunes—original or covers—in your commercial without permission. Hell, how about not at all? Anyway, there’s been worse embarrassing misinterpretations.

Source: Clint Weiler PR

Heineken was forced to remove an advert which features a cover of the Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk To Fuck” because of complaints it would encourage binge drinking. Heineken had used the song in a commercial tie-in to promote its beer in banner advertisements broadcast via the popular music website Spotify.

Spotify had been running a series of banner advertisements, which directed users to a special “lounge style” playlist as part of a campaign for the beer Kronenbourg 1664.

One of the tracks used was the Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk To Fuck”, which attracted a number of complaints to the independent industry watchdog, The Portman Group. The complaints were then investigated and were found to be in breach of a rule which bans advertisers from “encouraging irresponsible or immoderate drinking”.

Dead Kennedys emphatically deny that they ever gave Heineken permission to use the song. The band’s attorneys have contacted Heineken to address the un-authorized use. Dead Kennedys have never authorized any company to use this song or any of the band’s songs to promote a consumer product (let alone the consumption of alcohol) in this or any advertisement.

I heard the cover song for the first time today—here it is, by Nouvelle Vague, and I like.

However, out of all this mess, I was glad that Spotify stayed classy and complied with DK asap. See, I just started using the client, and not to pimp too hard, but it’s been sweet thus far. The first two things I played were Limp Bizkit‘s Gold Cobra and Thought Industry‘s Songs for Insects, so try and imagine my day.

Eh, fuck it, let’s pimp to you, the reader, in this very article about advertising. Heard of Klout? Well if you like obsessing over your social metric like I do, it’s the dog’s bollocks in the cat’s pajamas. The service has ‘Perks’, which I have not paid any attention to until they offered free Spotify invites! So do me a favor:  if this sounds cool to you, ACTIVATE HERE plz&thx.



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