Review : END OF LEVEL BOSS – "Eklectric"

End of Level Boss Eklectric
Release: 2011May20 (US)
Label: Exile on Mainstream
Rating: 4/5

This is the third release from the UK’s  End of Level Boss — a mix of progressive, doom and stoner metal. “As The Earth Forgets Us” is a mess of crashing waves, delivering salty riffs that sync up perfectly with the orbit of the moon. It paints a broad picture of an Earth in which man was never a factor.  On “Mouth of Hats”, Heck Armstrong gasps for air among the pull of muddy riffs, courtesy of Roland Schriver and Peter Theobalds, equal parts bleak and somber.

By the time I made it to Senescence,  the creak of my knees and the pain in my writing hand sharpened. Suddenly, I had a flashback of an old man, staring in my face with a sinister cackle, his eyes peeling back in his forehead. The crash of the drums and echo of the vocals left me reeling on the floor.  Just when I thought the fear would never cease, a Blueshift occured in which red became blue and fear became hope. The filth of prior tracks washed away in favor of upbeat drums mated to a bluesy-doom time signature that brings to mind a cross between The Gates of Slumber and Candlemass.

As I became “Lost in the Etalon“, the balance between red and blue became distorted, creating a bastard cocktail of conflicting drums and wandering guitar/bass. Finally, “Red Grey Eye” capped things off with a return to the dynamic displayed on “Blueshift”. Eklectric is a fun album that urges the listener to explore unfamiliar themes (an Earth without man, the science of frequencies/wavelengths) while kicking back with the libation(s) of their choice.

Try: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

01. As The Earth Forgets Us
02. This is Not The Way It Was
03. Mouth of Hats
04. Thee Absurd
05. Senescence
06. Thud
07. Blueshift
08. If Not All
09. Lost in the Etalon
10. Red Grey Eye

~Brad Barratt


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