Interviewed for the First Time and DJ of the Month = Vacation Time for MetalMattLongo!

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by Nick Williams from the website Blood or Love. He wanted to interview me, but because phone timing didn’t work out, we conducted it via Facebook. So this was a couple of firsts for me: my first time being interviewed, and the first time I had ever done any interview via Facebook. It was fun to write about why I run this site, because sometimes I honestly forget and kinda march blindly forward. This is part of the reason I write reviews—to help me remember how I feel about my experiences. We also discuss my favorite metal writers, current listening habits, advice for budding bloggers, and the possible death of album reviews. Read this beast HERE.

I was made to be behind a mic. Bonus points if you can name the toy I’m playing with.

Oddly enough, not long after this interview was posted, WRUV named me DJ of the Month for August 2011. What does this mean? Well, an official station t-shirt for starters (yay, free shit), but more importantly, yet another interview! This one was done via email by Jenny Mudarri, and as opposed to the conversation style in the Facebook interview, I got these four questions all at once. This one is more radio-focused, and how I’ve branched out into the local community. It can be found on the WRUV website HERE.

The irony is palpable, because my current vacation means I will update the site infrequently, plus miss three of my radio shows, three Metal Mondays at Nectar’s, and the WRUV station meeting where they’ll announce this DJ love. The worst part: you can’t return ticker tape.

He’s not here? Well, fuck all, NOW WHAT?



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