…Because Even a Minute of New CYNIC is Still New CYNIC!


Holy balls—new Cynic, dudes! Regular readers know how I feel about the neverending wow of this band, from my early|elliptical review of Traced in Air to interviews and live coverage (some of which still lurks unreleased …hmm). Plus, I’m actually wearing one of their dang shirts right now:

Evidence. Actually, you'd need to smell it, too, I suppose.

But anyway, watch/listen to this teaser for their forthcoming album Carbon-Based Anatomy. Paul beautifully, mysteriously calls out “the longing never ends—not while you’re human” and I’m pretty sure I hear a sitar at the end amid emerging piano; in the middle, it sounds reminiscent of “King of Those Who Know” to these ears. All with a sweet psychedelic vibe, too,  I still haven’t heard Re-Traced to this day, and am standoffish for many reasons, but this really excites me. The new EP is slated to drop on 11-11-11 via Season of Mist.



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