Review : LORD SILKY – "Dios Sedoso"

Lord SilkyDios Sedoso
Release: 2011Sep13 (US)
Label: Self-released
Rating: 4/5

Well it’s about time these filthy bastards did a proper release. I’m not sure whether to call it an EP or a full-release, because it’s nine songs at twenty-three minutes. Since we’re talking about hardcore punk (and who in the genre besides Fucked Up have recorded epics) let’s err on the side of album. For those fortunate enough to live in and around Burlington, you may have caught them blowing up the bars over the past year or so. It’s hard to condense the brash energy of their live performance on a disc, but this does the trick.

Speaking of “does the trick”, experiencing Lord Silky firsthand is a lot like banging a cheap hooker: dirty, dangerous, and aided by alcohol. In case you need further convincing, follow the furious opener “Care Don’t Care” to “Alcohol Injection”—both call-and-response crowd favorites. There’s a mess of movie samples throughout, beginning with “Golden Horn” (which I can’t identify), but I caught Gangs of New York around the blistering speed riffs of “Blood Wasteland” and… are you serious? Yeah, that’s Fire in the Sky before “Townie Town” there! Well since the movie is about aliens and the tune is kinda xenophobic, maybe that’s the connection.

I just heard that vocalist Josh Cause is unfortunately leaving the band—and performing his last show with The Toasters (on their 30th Anniversary tour) and Husbands AKA this coming Saturday October 16. So early readers of this post—especially fellow Vermonters—get out and support! Remember, your scene is as strong as you make it.

Try: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9

01. Care Don’t Care
02. Alcohol Injection
03. Golden Horn
04. Creeps
05. The Job
06. Blood Wasteland
07. Hell If I Know…
08. Townie Town
09. Pig Dog



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