Review : CHASMA – "Declarations of the Grand Artificer"

ChasmaDeclarations of the Grand Artificer
Released: 2011Nov22
Label: Moribund Records
Rating: 3/5

Composition: 3/5
Musicianship: 3/5
Production: 4/5
Mood (Hate/Depression): 3/5
Presentation (Ferocity/Doom): 2/5
Origin (Innovation/Tradition): 2/5


Dissonant malevolence and desperate screams
A grandiose specter, a spectacle of black metal tradition
Peaceful interludes built upon disheartening trepidation
Repetitive, yet insightful

Then the mood overwhelms me: black woe to the world
Dwindling down to acoustic collapse
Intention is bought at the price of attention
Tiresome; enough is enough

The evil is strong, but the sorrow is weak
A beginning so promising with transitions into
The hackneyed and trite Cascadian dialect
Black metal is black; not gray

Thrice it endures in epic duration
But the grandiose note—the same and the many
Chasma loses glory with lack of endeavor
Though fragments: so dark and intense


Try: 1

01. Daystar Angelwar
02. Shadowbend
03. Blue Jewel Destruction

 ~Breath of Mozym


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