A BLACK SABBATH Reunion Tour without Bill Ward is an Unarguable Atrocity

I may be a little late to the burgeoning party, but sweet merciful fuck, am I glad to see the rally of support behind Bill Ward. To be fair… to me, anyway… I did recently highlight the man in my first rant about Black Sabbath. Plus, I probably voiced my disapproval while DJing once or twice.

Anyway, lots of great evidence has recently cropped up on 1,000,000 Black Sabbath fans say yes to Bill Ward—who have blazed from zero to over 20k Facebook fans in their first 24 hours—with a broad swath of fan photocaps, personal family letters, artist-friend endorsements, and kind words/posts from those running the Page (I’ve come up with the name Tony Conley of Rock Guitar Daily, but I’m not sure who else is involved).

What frustrates me about the whole situation is that it shouldn’t be an issue. This is an all-or-nothing deal here. Besides the fact that drummers have fundamental differences in terms of style and substance, the spiritual side will lack the most in Bill’s absence. I have never seen the transcendent “fifth member” quality in any band to the degree of Black Sabbath. How many groups out there bust out covers of classic Sab slabs? Surely, many of you have seen Ozzy kick out the jams over the years with different band members, yeah? And perhaps you were also lucky enough to catch Heaven & Hell before Dio died? Well, regardless of preference for the various incarnations, there’s something undeniably special behind the Butler-Iommi-Osbourne-Ward connection onstage—a feeling nigh-impossible to miss.

We don’t want something that’s pretty enjoyable; we want the genuine article. We don’t want 3/4 of the band that invented heavy metal; we want them all. You know they can make this work. Complicated though it may be, money can always be shifted around, and is so fucking unimportant in the grand scheme. This could be their last tour, and I’ll be damned if it’s not truly complete. I will not personally attend without everyone present and accounted for; all real fans should likewise boycott. Do you agree or not? Would you attend a show yourself? Who would be the best replacement for Ward, and who would be outright unacceptable? (You know, if you had to choose… gun to your head.)

Lastly, in terms of pure logic, if you believe that the original members of Black Sabbath are Bill Ward, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Tony Iommi—and a definition of ‘reunion’ is: “a gathering of the members of a group who have been separated”—then an reunion as originally promised would necessitate all four Brummies. Should they sally forth with Ozzy’s skinsman Tommy Clufetos, they must rename the act, or risk lying to our angry faces and empty wallets.



14 thoughts on “A BLACK SABBATH Reunion Tour without Bill Ward is an Unarguable Atrocity

  1. No Bill = No $$Bills. That is what will eventually see this resolved and see Bill Ward being offered a respectful contract. If this turns out to be a money grab by Sharon Osbourne as has been speculated all true Sabbath fans should completely boycott to the point that she loses money.

  2. When Ozzy left or Ousted or whatever after “Never say Die” I purchased Heaven & Hell not knowing until it was to late.It was a great album but it wasn’t Ozzy’s vocals.The magic was missing.I never purchased or went to see Sabbath after that. But I would do the same for all the original members! Now Tony has lymphoma in it’s early stages and feel so bad about that and hope and pray he beats it!
     Now the unsignable contract for Bill Ward who wants to do it so much but doesn’t want to be treated unfairly and be respected by corporate big wigs we’ll say cause we don’t know exactly what is going on there and quick to jump to conclusions and we don’t blame Bill a bit! Bill Wards Awesome! We love him!

    But I’m with everyone backing him! No Bill Ward and I and many won’t be purchasing the Albums/CD or buying tickets to go see them.It’s not all about Ozzy. It’s about the Original lineup of band members!
    The Metal Gods we grew up with. I don’t want to see a replacement Drummer or the 3 Sabboteers!
    We want Ozzy Geezer Tony and Bill only!  “Please”!   Work it out Corporate Big Wiggies 

  3. I will give no support if ALL members are not there and if a gun was pointed at my head I would ask for the trigger to be pulled before I  suggest a replacement.I have all ORIGINAL line up Black Sabbath albums. I have ALL Dio albums and same with Ozzy’s albums. I do not however have any Sabbath albums with Dio or any other replacement artist. A band is a band and is not like one person who’s backup band is made of a number of musicians. Lita Ford is a front runner, Ozzy is a front runner. Ronnie James was a front runner as well.BANDS such as Deep Purple, Y&T, Rainbow were never the same after a member left and the same goes for Black Sabbath. Bill Ward is original and deserves to be treated fair and involved. A boycott of Black Sabbath is the way I will go.

  4. Already bought a ticket, bastard. I feel fucked ’cause this is not what i
    payed for. I wanted to see Bill play those songs ’cause he’s fucking
    essentual to the sound. If they bring in a replacement its a big fucking rip-off.

  5. You kow what the sad fact is? We can all boycott as much as we want but I have a sneaking suspicion that this tour will go the way of VHs, aimed at the older ‘classier’ crowd who will pay top dollar for tix. VH teamed with Amex and sold tix for 4 days to only Amex card holders and seats started at almost $100 a pop for nosebleeders. Sharon, in her determination,will most likely lean toward this and lure in the ‘I don’t care about the ethics of it’ crowd who WILL pay top dollar to see them.There is no integrity here, only money. I guess everyone forgot the simple fact that if it weren’t for us die-hard fans they would never have gotten this far in the first place. I feel that out of respect to you, me and every other metalhead on the planet the right thing to do would be to make it happen for us, for the fans, no matter what it takes. Sharon wouldn’t be living in her mansion with her designer dogs and outrageously priced area rugs if it weren’t for Black Sabbath’s followers. She could learn a thing or 2 about loyalty from us. And shame on Ozzy, Tony and Geezer for letting her start this circus in the first place.

  6. I didn’t buy an advance ticket ’cause I’ve always had in the back of my mind the Reunion tour where Vinnie Appice was present in case Bill couldn’t perform that night due to health issues.  I did not want to see Sabbath without Bill (as I am a drummer and think of him as beyond incredible) so I had decided that I would buy a scalper ticket the day of, especially after Tony’s health issues arose.  To be perfectly honest…. these guys are staring death right in the face.  Put the bullshit aside, and make it a 4 way split…. none of them would be here without each other.  If this goes through without Bill, I hope some clever legal types launch a class action suit against the band for not coming through with the “original” lineup and everybody that bought a ticket gets a refund of some value.  And of course, nobody should by a new cd without Bill.  That goes without saying….  

  7. this is completely fucked off without bill ward hey it was them that touted the reunion of the original 4 only to find out there just a bunch of OLD FUCKING GREEDY CUNTS who will  do anything sharon tells them to fuck this ‘ there not going to make this right because they dont really give a fuck about anybody but there fucking selves ‘ yes im done with this cunt of a band fucking traitors’….

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