TOOL Dismantles the Garden

Tool Dismantles the Garden

By Anthony Carace

If heading to Boston for a show (or whatever reason you might be visiting one of the most convoluted cities in America), do yourself a favor and take the train—especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city. Save the headache and false faith in Global Positioning Senselessness, because with a performance like the one Tool delivered at the TD Garden on the line, you CANNOT afford to be late.

Openers YOB set the mood with their ultra-drudgy sludgery, thick and greasy with Oregonian insanity. While the Portland doom masters only played three songs, they ripped the stage for thirty minutes. Not bad, considering the length of some of the headliner’s jams. Singer/guitarist Mike Scheidt’s lyrics were pretty incomprehensible, but let’s face it—the Garden is a BIG place. YOB’s sound, however, is a force to be reckoned with, and the group permeated every corner and crevice of the Garden with their sonic arsenal.

Maynard and Co. hit the stage around 8:45 with their prog-psych assault, as “Hooker With A Penis” jacked the room tenfold. Adam Jones’s guitar crescendoed with every single song, growing louder and more punishing with each passing moment and picked note. As monstrously as Jones played, he could not drown out the steady thunder of Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey; Carey’s chaotic drum trip during “Lateralus” blended beautifully with both the light show and writhing, carnal videos flooding the viewing screens. All the while, Maynard stood cemented on the drum riser, a focused sentinel in an enraged sound-storm.

Song progression was key. “Intension” provided those precious, quiet moments to bask in Tool‘s majesty—but such thoughts were cast quickly aside when they smashed the peace with”46&2”. The final three—“Forty Six & 2,” ‘Lateralus,” and “Aenema”—were perfect for the Bostonian throng, although no new material was played.

Overall, an excellent, LONG-overdue show. The T-shirts could have been cheaper than $45, but I hold a greater grudge for the price of beer and the ban on alcohol to non-Bay State folks under the age of twenty-five. [There is pun to be had here—like, “$46 for 2 shirts would have been more like it” or something with the Tool song “The Grudge” …thoughts? ~Ed.] Anyway, that’s the TD Garden’s problem. Tool shows no signs of rust after all these years, and they had no trouble bringing the house down.

Set List
01. Hooker With A Penis
02. Jambi
03. Stinkfist
04. Ticks & Leeches
05. Pushit
06. Schism
07. Intension
08. Forty Six & 2
09. Lateralus
10. Aenema

~Anthony Carace


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