Joel Violette on WOODS OF YPRES, David Gold, and ‘Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light’


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I love Grey Skies & Electric Light. It was my favorite album as of the original interview on 2012Mar29, and is still frontrunner six weeks later. Death always weighs heavy with Woods of Ypres, and the loss of founder David Gold brings a bitter denouement, as the music still rings sweet stabs every time. Much of this perfection was honed because of Joel Violette himself, and we speak at length about the development of Woods 5, straighten out confusion behind the various release dates and track listings, explore many memories of David (including his myriad looks through the years), and touch on Joel’s other project, Thrawsunblat, which he describes as “raw black melodic folk metal with a Atlantic Canadian twist”. We bookend with some of the new album—beginning with some of “Lightning and Snow” and concluding with “Kiss My Ashes Goodbye”.

[I decided to initially post as audio-only, but transcription may be added in the future.  —Ed.]


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