Review : PSYCONAUTS – ‘Planet X’

PsyconautsPlanet X
Release date: 2012Mar03
Label: Ozium Records
Rating: 10/10

To be blunt here, I’ve struggled for months to find the inspiration to review. So many excellent releases and so little time. There are are a few albums that I refuse to let slip by. Case in point, Planet X from the Psyconauts out of Italy.  Immediately, I thought of Serpent Venom with a stronger lyrical focus on the Mayan 2012 controversy.   “Road to Nibiru” starts off with a beautiful echo effect that quickly transitions into soft, ethereal doom vibes laced with synth.  These effects combine to create a eerie, majestic soundscape that commands your attention. Four minutes in, they pay homage to Black Sabbath with riffs that would be at home on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

“Be Yourself” conveys proto-metal such as Sir Lord Baltimore and Pentagram due to speed and lyrical content. Riffs are dead-on and  authentic like those of Riotgod. “Great Sunbeam”  leads into stoner rock territory with a slow jam reminiscent of  Kyuss and Soundgarden. As a self-proclaimed sun-worshipper, I approve. “Just a Lover” is a fun diversion with no other purpose other than to show-off their affinity for the Black Sabbath releases Master of Reality, Vol. 4 and Sabotage.

“MMC” (2100)  lays  a futuristic time signature that’s highly reminiscent of the Melvins and Karma To Burn. Check out the  neat vibrational effects toward the end. “Onebadstar” starts off on a boring note but with the addition of distortion, morphs into loud, fuzzy chamber doom.  Overall, Planet X is a masterpiece that runs the gamut of doom sub-genres while offering something fresh and unique. I want Planet X to be the soundtrack to the destruction that comes if Planet X/Nibiru/Wormwood ever rear their collective heads!

FCC: Clean
Try: ALL

01. Road To Niburu
02. Be Yourself
03. Great Sunbeam
04. Just A Lover
05. MMC
06. Onebadstar

~Brad Barratt


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