Update : Mindless Over Metal

Image found via My-Metal-Hand on deviantART, in a Google search for “mindless over metal”.

This moving madness over the last few fucking months has been nightmares made flesh. And while no bloodbath has explicitly ensued, there has been much to soak in (so to speak). Writing did not come easily during this time, which was especially rough, considering that I was just accepted into the hallowed metallic halls of MetalReview.com, and needed to crank out four good reviews before being hailed as a proper staff member. So that was where creative energy was focused, while all else was focused on utility:  packing up my Vermont home of the last twelve years; ceasing weekly radio broadcasts on WRUV; leaving the likewise-weekly Metal Monday at Nectar’s; ensuring that contact with all Metal promo companies continues.

But you know what suffered, dudes?  This site.  So much was ambitiously promised back in January of this year, and little has been delivered.  For that, I sincerely apologize.  I know we’re probably third- or fourth-tier when it comes to current Metal sites online (shoot, even that may be overly optimistic!) but we always strive for quality, and hope those of you who do grace our pages agree with that sentiment.

For now, expect the following soon (maybe today):

  • A Candlemass review from Brad
  • A Burzum review from Willie
  • Cross-posts of my MetalReview write-ups about Barren Earth, Fear Factory, Cattle Decapitation, and Wizards of Kaos
  • A video interview I conducted with Havok when they hit Higher Ground a couple of months ago
  • A very special Roadburn report from Mats that has been pending since APRIL
  • Whatever the hell is also lingering in my queue

Thanks for thinking heavier with us over the years… we ain’t done yet, fuckers!



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