POxy_w_616Dang, seriously? It’s been how long since the last article? Longtime readers of this site may remember when I had new stuff up here on the regular, even trying to squeeze in posts on my lunch break at the paying job. Although those pieces would often just be parroting news stories — which got lame after a while and have, in fact, been removed.

Maybe it’s serendipitous that a number of the beast factored in to this reawakening, but honestly, I was just tired of how the site has languished over the last six months and sixteen days.

Moving around fucked everything up, in more ways than one. Moving to a different state for the first time in thirteen years was daunting. Switching jobs wasn’t as big of a deal — it was initially a lateral move for greater opportunity, really — but when that management position surfaced, it was time to move again. Nevermind this site, which endured a rough transition back to WordPress.com hosting. And that bummed me out for a while, as it still does. Poor planning resulted in lost linked images, which will take hours upon hours of updating. And I think not only of all that spent time, but the money wasted on custom interfaces, unused themes, plugins which no longer apply, unhelpful advertising, and private hosting. Moving forward, I will improve on all fronts. Hmm… sounds familiar.

We’re gonna keep things simple here — that means paring back to basically me. All of the contributions from (in first name alphabetical order) Brad, Brady, Chris, Cole, Jenna, Josh P, Josh Z, Keith, Mats, Oopey, Phil, Sarah, and Willie stay on this site, but usernames got stripped in the shift as well, so folks need to re-register and re-attribute. Everything says I’m the author now, and though accuracy is my desired end, we need more content above all.

At this stage, it feels like Mind over Metal will become something of a vehicle for all of my heavy endeavors. I’ll eventually resurrect the past in some form and likely get all of my past WRUV shows online;  maybe even get back on-air again someday. Last Rites and Ghost Cult occupy much of my writing these days, so those will be cross-posted. And of course, Metal Monday at Nectar’s is still a lovingly gnarled party every damn week. Hagen and Jake have burdened that beast into a formidable force of DOOM, and I can’t wait to go celebrate the back-to-back madness of our 100th and 101st shows. Speaking of which…

The former is a badass all-covers extravaganza by at least five local faves:
~ Musical Manslaughter does Dethklok 
~ Savage Hen beaks Beastie Boys
~ Śiva slips into Pink Floyd
~ Vultures of Cult burns Black Sabbath
~ Knights of Crinitus channels Between the Buried and Me

And the latter is Ramming Speed | Revocation | 3IOB | Goatwhore …easily our biggest bill yet (NBD or anything).

Now before this post gets too long, let’s do that lovely linkage, first with reviews:

The following are the Devil’s Dozen features on Last Rites. I contributed to all three of these, but also wrote the intro to the Voivod piece:

And just in case you missed the dulcet tones of my voice, I come into this inaugural Pod Rites episode about 27 minutes deep, and talk with the illustrious Ian Chainey about favorite 2013 albums thus far, black-and-roll, listening habits, and talking music with the uninitiated:

[Note: Ghost Cult links will eventually be posted below, but as of right now, that site is also undergoing a major overhaul. Once it updates, so will we!]


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