Hails, and welcome to MindOverMetal.org!

The definition of “Mind Over Metal” has changed over the years since I first launched a weekly radio show of the same name on 90.1 WRUV FM Burlington back in 2005, plus became the station’s Metal Director.

A few years later in 2008, I created a primitive site that had then-current reviews, live footage shot on a janky camera, and an interview or two. I caught on to the blog scene quickly thereafter, and MindOverMetal.org steadily expanded. Things snowballed, we picked up contributors*, and made a name for the ‘Mind Over Metal’ brand.

Come 2012, during my final year in Burlington, my brother-in-metal, Matt Hagen and I launched an awesomely twisted bastard demon spawn called Metal Monday, which continues to host live bands every single week at the legendary venue, Nectar’s. The kickass official site spearheaded by Jake DeVries is HERE and you can get further updates — not to mention thousands of pictures from dozens of nights — on our Facebook Page.

So, basically: I did move out of Burlington to Somerville, MA; the weekly broadcasts are currently silent for now; site content now comes mostly from me until further notice; I’ve since spilled bits into Last Rites (formerly Metal Review) and Ghost Cult with further plans to branch out; and Metal Monday just keeps growing.

Mind Over Metal evolves — I appreciate every bit of help, hope, and even hindrance along the way.

Eternal thanks,

*During the last site migration, proper authorship of many posts were lost. Until every piece is manually relinked, these posts will be attributed to me. However, the majority are also signed or tagged with the writer’s name, so ambiguous authors should be rare overall.