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I was looking up ‘laziness’ in some capacity, which quickly led to ‘Victorian exercise equipment’ …which existed in a time when elaborate sloth still required a three-piece suit.

Aw, man… another “number” post. You know what that means? I need to symbolically mark something, and it’s probably ass draggage. So yeah, it’s been 111 days since my last post on my own dang site.
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Review : DEMON LUNG – ‘The Hundredth Name’

DOOM, I say — Las Vegas DOOM! Demon Lung are sole purveyors of said genre, and goddammit, they already upped the ante. The Hundredth Name takes the rough-hewn blueprint from last year’s Pareidolia EP and expands into a full-on concept album about Satan’s spawn assembling the devil’s bible to reverse-speak God’s name and undo all of that fine Lordly work. Read my digital scrawlings at Last Rites and get in on the ground floor.