I was looking up ‘laziness’ in some capacity, which quickly led to ‘Victorian exercise equipment’ …which existed in a time when elaborate sloth still required a three-piece suit.

Aw, man… another “number” post. You know what that means? I need to symbolically mark something, and it’s probably ass draggage. So yeah, it’s been 111 days since my last post on my own dang site.
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POxy_w_616Dang, seriously? It’s been how long since the last article? Longtime readers of this site may remember when I had new stuff up here on the regular, even trying to squeeze in posts on my lunch break at the paying job. Although those pieces would often just be parroting news stories — which got lame after a while and have, in fact, been removed.

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I Shaved My Beard Because of J. Bennett

BandshootIdesofGemeni1858web vy steven duncan WITH CREDIT J. Bennett is a self-proclaimed Masshole — the first of many things I learned about the scribe-turned-musician during our interview. He spotted the ‘617’ phone number from my landline, so we also briefly discussed his growing up in Mansfield and seeing Willie Nelson at Great Woods as his first live show. But there was a laundry list of topics to get to — women in Metal, writing professionally, important life transitions — not to mention the typical tangents that break into the conversation.

The whole section on beards feels admittedly bittersweet, as I am recently freshly shorn for the first time in five years, and the seed was inadvertently planted by you, J. Bennett. Expect a followup email with both links to this article and requests for advice. I feel… I dunno… “heartbroken” is the closest emotion; that same pit of emptiness — a black sucking void — which must be either forgotten or filled (…with follicles, perhaps?).

Ides of Gemini have come, beware.

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Exorcising BEDEMON with Geof O’Keefe

10 halfpage-Geof

Bedemon is the great proto-doom band that never really was, until now… and I mean that in every way possible. Yeah, we joke about the name, exposit the history, discuss legacy. But Symphony of Shadows is perhaps the best cobbled collection of posthumous pieces since the salvage of Voivod (who happens to get brought up, along with Woods of Ypres).

After a long, convoluted question with the second or third reference to “tuning down”, Geof sets the record straight on that, and even more than I expected!
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I was either fickle or faithful that night, depending on your point-of-view.

Agalloch had again announced a tour. The pitch-black pastoral Portlandians are rarely seen in real life, so just like back in early 2011, I jumped at the opportunity to catch them. As someone who hosted a weekly live Metal Monday gig and frequented heavy live actions in Vermont or Montreal, I missed the energy, the camaraderie, the completely fucking different feel of my favorite bands in front of me. So of course I’m going to Agalloch. We didn’t say these kind words about them and include the band on three of our ‘Best of 2010’ lists for nothing.

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Mats Johansen’s Journey Through ROADBURN 2012


Traveling Blues & Motorpsychodelic Trips

The day had finally come—we were off to Roadburn. We’d waited on bated breath since we bought the festival passes late last year (fortunate, since it sold out in 7 minutes) and it was finally time to experience the awesome, unique vibe at this small heavy music festival.

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