MUSICAL MANSLAUGHTER – First Live Interview on 'Mind Over Metal'

Hey, Ian's wearing that shirt we mention in the interview!

Making their radio debut, Musical Manslaughter prove they have the ‘Audacity’ of hopelessness, with a crushing claustrophobic air. We blast the tunes “Automaton”, “You’re Just a Hole”, and “Numb” in full, plus play most of the new album while we talk. It’s Vermont homegrown self-produced death groove—not premeditated, but certainly voluntary.

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Original mad artwork by Jon Tether


Interview : Matt Garfield, MOSE GIGANTICUS

Conducted outside The Monkey House in Winooski, VT on 2010Aug07 after their show with Constants, City of Ships, and Burrows. We talk about the pros and cons of one-man projects, the digital music shift, and his attitude towards cute kittens named Nermal.

Interview : Steve Brooks, TORCHE

So I tried.  I tried to get out of my other job in time to hit this show, but I literally caught the last song ONLY.  Here are some pictures I was able to snap while they were still performing.

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Fortunately, I was able to conduct this interview just outside of The Monkey House after the show. This is the first reaction after they got robbed in Chicago the week prior (and part of the reason they got to play in VT). Hear Steve’s take on that, as well as DIO’s passing… and then the remainder was impromptu.  These kind of talks are usually the most fun; this was no exception!

Interview : Brann Dailor, MASTODON

Here is the second successful upload from the Mind Over Metal Facebook.  This was conducted inside the Mastodon tour van outside of Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT.  I will upload the picture from my phone later on, so you can see what I flash at the camera towards the end.

UPDATE 2010May22: that image below!

I found the image at this Photobucket link, whose username is the quite awesome ‘VoivodBG’.  Incidentally, he also has uploaded a Repo Man picture identical to the one on Brann’s shirt during the interview… weird!

Interview : Summer Welch, BARONESS

Check out this fun and candid interview with Baroness bassist Summer Welch.  I finally got this posted to (and from) the Mind Over Metal Facebook portal after learning that YouTube now has a ten-minute length limitation. Be on the lookout for my talk with Brann Dailor from Mastodon very soon!