Getting Horrified with Alex Webster of CANNIBAL CORPSE


How in the hell has Cannibal Corpse grown into the monster you see today? I remember my first discussion about the band. The 13-year-old version of me had seen a commercial for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and thought it was the funniest trailer ever ever. I was really starting to figure some major-decision shit out for myself, boy I tell ya. Especially with music. What was heavier than Rage Against the Machine in 1993, right?

Unholy fucking wrong.

What th… who was this band in the movie? It was too damned noisy, with little setup and almost no screen time—my brain was not prepared. Much time passed; it would be another 13 years before Kill made me suffer. Now the Buffalo bonecrushers are out for even more tympanic Torture, and we’re pushing as deep as the knife will go with bassist/co-founder Alex Webster …then driving past the hilt. There’s a lot about movies, a little about zombies, early misogyny clarification, layers peeled back about their latest work, and how they perpetuate the juggernaut of Cannibal Corpse.

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MUSICAL MANSLAUGHTER – First Live Interview on 'Mind Over Metal'

Hey, Ian's wearing that shirt we mention in the interview!

Making their radio debut, Musical Manslaughter prove they have the ‘Audacity’ of hopelessness, with a crushing claustrophobic air. We blast the tunes “Automaton”, “You’re Just a Hole”, and “Numb” in full, plus play most of the new album while we talk. It’s Vermont homegrown self-produced death groove—not premeditated, but certainly voluntary.

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Original mad artwork by Jon Tether


Prior to the release of their debut The Rot of the World, the live ‘Mind Over Metal’ broadcast is invaded by Kevin Savage, TJ Maynard, and Matt St. Gelais of Alive & Well. Not only do we have in-depth interview action, but also special tracks chosen from At the Gates, Carcass, Amon Amarth, Hope Conspiracy, Crowbar, Living Sacrifice, Alice in Chains, Meshuggah, Danzig, Pantera, and Shai Hulud. Be sure to listen for preview tracks of Alive & Well, which you can also hear at!

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BLACK COBRA Interview with Jason Landrian

”]Now with Jason Landrian interviewed, Black Cobra is officially the first band completely interviewed by Mind over Metal. Sure, there’s only two dudes in the band… but whatever, it’s done. And their incredible new album ‘Invernal’ is, too! Hear about recording with Kurt Ballou this latest time around; the influence from touring with bands like High on Fire and The Sword; Jason’s reaction to comparing their song “Abyss” with “Wishlist” by Pearl Jam; and finally—favorite action sequence from a movie!

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Interview : Julien of GLORIOR BELLI Envelops 'Mind over Metal' in Darkness

So it’s blackened Southern bluesy sludge by a bunch of French dudes? I know everyone lately opens with similar description, but if you’ve heard Glorior Belli, the badassery is obvious. After a full opening of “Dark Gnosis” from ‘The Great Southern Darkness’ and a bad joke from me, we get FULL-ON deep regarding their obscure name and origins, the underlying thread between Scandinavia and the Mississippi Delta, and how Julien channels his beliefs through the music. Then, just to reel it back a bit… questions about booze.

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Jon Necromancer Spits BONES Live on 'Mind over Metal'

First and foremost, I LOVE BONES. There is no hyperbole when I talk about multiple spin sessions, almost every time. This music is lethal, infectious as myeloma, and already has a reserved slot on my Best of 2011 list. If your knowledge was spotty like mine, listen to their origins with previous band Usurper, and details on their recording style with producer Sanford Parker. Hear complete sneak previews of “March of the Dead” from their eponymous debut (which continues behind our conversation) and “Lonely Death” to conclude. Their influences reach from Motörhead (I clearly thought; he didn’t realize) to fellow Chicagoans like Master, and just how many different substances do they ingest during “Slowburn” again?

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And SICK logo, right?