I was looking up ‘laziness’ in some capacity, which quickly led to ‘Victorian exercise equipment’ …which existed in a time when elaborate sloth still required a three-piece suit.

Aw, man… another “number” post. You know what that means? I need to symbolically mark something, and it’s probably ass draggage. So yeah, it’s been 111 days since my last post on my own dang site.
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POxy_w_616Dang, seriously? It’s been how long since the last article? Longtime readers of this site may remember when I had new stuff up here on the regular, even trying to squeeze in posts on my lunch break at the paying job. Although those pieces would often just be parroting news stories — which got lame after a while and have, in fact, been removed.

Maybe it’s serendipitous that a number of the beast factored in to this reawakening, but honestly, I was just tired of how the site has languished over the last six months and sixteen days. Continue reading

Update : Mindless Over Metal


Image found via My-Metal-Hand on deviantART, in a Google search for “mindless over metal”.

This moving madness over the last few fucking months has been nightmares made flesh. And while no bloodbath has explicitly ensued, there has been much to soak in (so to speak). Writing did not come easily during this time, which was especially rough, considering that I was just accepted into the hallowed metallic halls of MetalReview.com, and needed to crank out four good reviews before being hailed as a proper staff member. So that was where creative energy was focused, while all else was focused on utility:  packing up my Vermont home of the last twelve years; ceasing weekly radio broadcasts on WRUV; leaving the likewise-weekly Metal Monday at Nectar’s; ensuring that contact with all Metal promo companies continues.

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Update : Podcast and Newsbox


Podcasts and news are now featured much better on MindOverMetal.org, which should enhance your experience with the site.

The newsbox is on the home page, and features the latest and/or most important news, plus exclusive on-site interviews.  Best of all, it is built into our Suffusion theme!

Podcasting was part of the site, including full-length re-casts of the weekly live ‘Mind Over Metal’ broadcast from WRUV FM Burlington.  But at 2-3 hours in length, they seemed a bit unwieldy for the typical podcast. We currently will offer mainly interviews—either via phone, in person, or live in-studio—with specialty programming possibly in the future. This all comes via Buzzsprout, who has made me a very happy man!


Update : HORNS OF THE DEVIL Recognizes 'Mind Over Metal'

Earlier this year, the website HORNS OF THE DEVIL was launched.  According to their FAQ:

“The mission of the site is to give the metal fans an overview of the metal world’s appreciation of metal albums. Many very good (and some not so good) review sources exist out there, and our goal is to select the most respected, credible, influential and professional of these sources to bring you an accurate rating of your favourite music style.

“Mainstream sources whose metal coverage is limited only to the odd Metallica album won’t make it here. Only those dedicated sources that cover most of metal’s large musical landscape will be considered, giving you an insider’s and expert’s opinion on metal music.”

I am proud to announce that this site is now part of the Horns of The Devil aggregated review network. Thanks to everyone that has contributed thusfar, as well as all the members and visitors of MindOverMetal.org!  It goes without saying that all of this means nothing without you.  But there I went and said it.  I’m gonna go write now.


Update : This Email Made Me So Happy, I Am Posting The Whole Thing

I received the following email on Cinco de Mayo, five days before my birthday.  I think my brain had trouble accepting this level of awesome, because I only just modified the MindOverMetal.org header.  Actually, I still need to email Michel and thank him.  Fuck.  Well anyway, here is the entire email, plus the cover artwork from his new book!

hi matt,

i attached the away font, mac & pc.
use it at will.



ps: the latest-

-my artbook has finally gone to print:

-new voivod live in tokyo 08 dvd
dan mongrain (martyr)-guitar

-latest album infini

-the outer limits remastered
pierre st.jean-bass

-in production:
roar, killing technology & dimension hatross remastered.
dvod2 the eric forrest years
dvod3 the jason newsted years

So that’s lots of yay.  Much Voivod stuff on the horizon, including fonts for MindOverMetal.org!