I was looking up ‘laziness’ in some capacity, which quickly led to ‘Victorian exercise equipment’ …which existed in a time when elaborate sloth still required a three-piece suit.

Aw, man… another “number” post. You know what that means? I need to symbolically mark something, and it’s probably ass draggage. So yeah, it’s been 111 days since my last post on my own dang site.
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Review : DEMON LUNG – ‘The Hundredth Name’

DOOM, I say — Las Vegas DOOM! Demon Lung are sole purveyors of said genre, and goddammit, they already upped the ante. The Hundredth Name takes the rough-hewn blueprint from last year’s Pareidolia EP and expands into a full-on concept album about Satan’s spawn assembling the devil’s bible to reverse-speak God’s name and undo all of that fine Lordly work. Read my digital scrawlings at Last Rites and get in on the ground floor.


POxy_w_616Dang, seriously? It’s been how long since the last article? Longtime readers of this site may remember when I had new stuff up here on the regular, even trying to squeeze in posts on my lunch break at the paying job. Although those pieces would often just be parroting news stories — which got lame after a while and have, in fact, been removed.

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Review : PENTAGRAM- "Last Rites"

Pentagram Last Rites
Release: 2011Apr12 (US)
Label: Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.5/5

As a fan of Pentagram, I was stoked to learn about this release, their first since 2004’s Show ‘Em How. If you’re not familiar with Pentagram, they are a pioneering predecessor that helped mold Saint Vitus (in the late 70s and 80s), Kyuss (in the late 80s and 90s), and The Devil’s Blood in this new century. Last Rites is especially unique because it contains unused demos/rehearsals that have been updated for a modern audience. Although, judging by the first spin, I’m certain that mainman Bobby Liebling never really left the hazy 70s.

Several tracks stand out, starting with “Treat Me Right”—a wicked twist between stoner rock and grunge that makes me wonder if I’m actually listening to early Soundgarden. “Into The Ground” drives deep in the brain, with some tasty fucking licks and a soundscape that transports you back to the band’s 1971 inception. “8” truly shows off the band’s infamous wizardry, and likewise, “Nothing Left” is a sinister, plodding plethora of chunky, fuzzy doom.

But “Horseman” nearly took my head off, and if it was the b-side to the 1972 single “Be Forewarned” (instead of “Lazy Lady”), this band would be on the same legendary wavelength as Black Sabbath.  Last Rites is an extraordinary effort from Pentagram that will please both fans of their older material and all the bands mentioned herein, who owe the venerable Virginians a debt of infernal gratitude.

FCC: Clean
Try: 1, 3, 4, 911

01. Treat Me Right
02. Call The Man
03. Into The Ground
04. 8
05. Everything’s Turning Into Night
06. Windmills and Chimes
07. American Dream
08. Walk In The Blue Light
09. Horseman
10. Death In First Person
11. Nothing Left
12. All Your Sins (reprise)

~Brad Barratt