Some people like to say things about us; these are those things.

‘The :30’ on WCAX – “In VT Music Scene, Metal Mondays Draw Faithful Following” – 2012Feb03

Seven Days – “The Sound and the Fury and the Banjo” (Metal Monday Music Feature) – 2012Feb02

The Water Tower – Metal Monday review (page 10) – 2011Dec06

WRUV – DJ of the Month: MetalMattLongo -2011Aug01

Blood or Love – MetalMattLongo interview – 2011Jul22

7Days love from Dan Bolles in Soundbites for Metal Mondays:
“Brotherly Love” – 2013Apr24
“Wild Things” – 2012Dec19
“Sounds of the Seasons” – 2012Dec12
“Monster Mashup” – 2012Oct24
“Three Cheers” – 2012May02
“Feeling Moody” – 2012Mar14
“Thanks Again” – 2011Nov23
“Halloweentown” – 2011Oct26
“Rear Window” – 2011Jun01
“Geekin’ Out” – 2011Apr27
“(Insert Jazz Pun Here)” – 2011Apr20
“Battle Stations” – 2011Mar30


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